Roofing Products

Ironwood Shake

Ironwood shake is the most affordable roofing profile. It is the one chosen most by our Roofing Victoria customers. It is meant to look like cedar shake, without using actual cedar. The hidden interlocking fasteners make it quick to install at an affordable price. It comes at a more affordable price than our Heavy Shake and European Tile profiles. In addition you do not need to remove your asphalt or shingle roof, so installation time and expenses are also reduced. You can choose your favorite baked on paint finish that will last for years.

Heavy Shake

The Heavy Shake roofing is made to look like traditional West Coast cedar roofing without the use of real cedar. It is specially designed to look like old growth cedar shakes. The heavy shake roofing is made to be installed over a 2×2 batten system on 16″ centres which has distinct advantages over steep-sloped roofing. You can take your pick of many baked on and highly durable paint choices.

IronStone Slate

As the newest in our roofing profile choices, Ironstone slate is meant to replicate the beauty of Old World slate without the expense that comes along with slate. The ability to reduce time and expense that comes along with installation is met by installing it over the top of your asphalt or fiberglass roof. It is sure to impress all your neighbours as it is available in many different high quality finishes.

European Tile

European Tiles is one of our premium and heavy gauge roofing profiles. It replicates the look of traditional tile roofing without the drawbacks of tile. It is available in many durable and baked on paint finishes.