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Our roofing North Jubilee company specializes in high quality work that you can trust. We are a local North Jubilee company, that has years of construction experience and offers one of the highest quality roofs available on the market today and our roofers are some of the best in the roofing business.

Living in North Jubilee, your home endures a lot of rain and dampness, especially in the winter months. Receiving some of the heaviest rainfall in Canada, your roof must be able to endure months worth of pressure.

We specialize in protecting you and your family from natures elements. Most of our staff grew up in or around North Jubilee and they know how nasty winters can be, and they are here to guarantee your protection with a high quality roof over your head.

North Jubilee Roofing Contractors

Can you imagine never having to repair or replace your roof again?

Think about the savings you will have to spend on other aspects of your home. This is completely possible with a permanent metal roof. Metal roofs last up to 100 years and are an environmentally friendly solution perfect for British Columbia.

They do not require inspections or maintenance because they simply do not have the issues that come with other roof types. They do not grow mould, moss, nor are they subject to decay which again makes them perfect for West Coast North Jubilee weather. They are sustainable in almost any weather condition and they are fireproof.

Cost Saving Roof

With the added advantage of lowering your power bill, a metal roof can actually help you lower your energy costs by up to 30%. Energy star gives the “cool roof rating.” Permanent metal roofs even help you to go green by being 100% recyclable. This is a huge chance to lower the amount of roofing going into landfills which can be as much as 30 million pounds a year.

Great Looking Roof

The curb appeal on a metal roof can be just as good as or even better than other roof types. They have come a long way from the tin roof look that is associated with metal roofs. They can be given the look of asphalt or slate. Your home can be the envy of all your neighbours.

Add torch on repair for your flat roof and increase the durability and strength of your permanent metal roof. This is just the beginning of all the great things that come along with a metal roof.