1. How much does a permanent metal roof cost?

Of all the options that we offer, the Ironwood Shake option is the most budget friendly. While it does cost more on the initial installation, you will find that once you factor in maintenance and replacement costs of other roofs it is economical in the long term. No matter which option that you choose, you will find that our roofing is the most affordable among permanent roof options.

  1. Where can I see an Ironwood roof “in person”?

You can receive a list of Ironwood homes in your neighbourhood by contacting us. You will find that there are many homes in your area, not just one or two. We do not mind showing off our work because we guarantee quality.

3.Why is an Ironwood roof better than other metal roofs?

Our roofing options will not expand or contract with temperature changes. The fact that it does not fluctuate means that you will not have to deal with panels that become loose or vibrate in bad weather. We use hidden fasteners to secure our roofing panels to keep them from loosening. If for some reason you do need repairs, you can replace just one panel rather than having to replace the whole roof.

  1. How long will my permanent metal roof last?

Permanent metal roofs are made to last more than 100 years. They are designed to withstand severe weather and will outlast their lifetime warranty in most cases.

  1. What is the length of warranty for an Ironwood permanent metal roof?

We offer a limited lifetime transferable warranty which is non pro-rated unlike asphalt or fibreglass conventional warranties which are pro-rated.

  1. Where do you install?

Our Roofing Victoria Company that services all of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Our crews are located in Victoria, Nanaimo and the Comox Valley, making us one of the most responsive roofing companies on the Island.

  1. Why is permanent metal an “environmentally friendly” roofing material?

There are four reasons that make permanent metal roofing environmentally friendly:

  • With a Energy Star “Cool Roof” rating, meaning they will likely reduce your home energy consumption by 20% to 30%. All of our roofing options have this rating.
  • Our roofs are recyclable. With an estimated 30 billion pounds of asphalt shingles taken to landfills in a single year, this is a big advantage in reducing landfills.
  • With the advantage of being installed over your existing roof, we keep even more roofing out of landfills.
  • Fewer greenhouse gasses are emitted because our products do not have to be shipped. They are made right here in BC.
  1. What about rust?

We treat our panels with a high-quality protective coating before the paint is applied to guarantee it will not rust.

  1. Is a permanent metal roof noisy?

With our insulating underlayment, you will not notice any difference between our roof and any other roof during inclement weather.

  1. Is a metal roof safe during a lightning storm?

Lightning is not attracted to metal roofing. It is drawn to the highest object in the area.

  1. How well will a permanent metal roof withstand hail?

We test all our roofing materials by by repeatedly dropping two-inch steel balls from a height of 20 feet. Not only will hail not affect your roof but you will also see no difference in your paint finish. It also does not lost its impact resistance with age, unlike other roofing choices.

  1. Are permanent metal roofs fire-resistant?

Yes. Our roofs have the highest fire resistance rating of any roofing material. Our roofing panels have been tested in accordance with many test standards (ASTM E 108-95, UBC Standard 15-2(1997), UL 790(1997), CAN S107) and have received an overall non-combustible rating.

  1. Will moss grow on my permanent metal roof?

No.  You can be assured by the fact that the smooth surface of our roofing panels inhibits the growth of moss and the accumulation of other debris. Rain fall provides a self cleaning benefit of permanent metal roofing.

  1. Will I be able to walk on my permanent metal roof?

You can be certain that the durability of our roofs along with attention to safety will allow for you to walk on your roof should you want to.

  1. Why is it important to choose a lightweight roofing material like permanent metal?

Because Vancouver Island is prone to earthquakes, topping your home with a light roofing choice would provide an extra measure of safety. A heavy roofing choice, like concrete, could possibly cause the house to collapse. Should your roof collapse, a light roof would ensure that you could be easily rescued.

  1. Can I install a permanent metal roof myself?

Installing a metal roof on your own would be difficult to do. It requires more training and different tools than a asphalt roof. You would also have no protection or warranty against leaks.

  1. Where can I find more information on your permanent metal roofing products?

Simply contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, provide you with a free, no-pressure estimate and/or direct you to further information. You can also click here to visit our manufacturer’s web site.