Permanent Roofing Benefits

Roofing Victoria

A permanent roof has a slightly higher initial cost than traditional asphalt shingle roofs. This can leave you wondering why you would want to spend more?

The answer to that question is simple. You want to spend more up front to get the benefits that come a long with a permanent metal roof. These benefits include:

  • You never ever have to pay for another roof for your home. Once you get a permanent metal roof you do not have to stress over this decision again.
  • You add a significant increase to the value of your home. This value is real and lasting and is not going to go down. With a transferable warranty to add to your contract, your resale value will be higher should you decide to sale later.
  • Permanent metal roofs are completely maintenance free. Nor do you need to inspection every time a storm comes through your area. Your roof will not crack or fade. They do not require cleaning or maintenance at all.
  • Permanent metal roofs can withstand winds up to 175 kph. They are virtually weather proof. Even in a earthquake they are going to be safer than a regular roof, they are lighter and less likely to collapse. Snow and ice will not build up on your roof.
  • You can go green. Not only will you be helping reduce the amount of roofing going into landfills by getting a permanent metal roof, but you are also contributing to cleaner runoff water. A metal roof does not have the chemicals that come with other roof types.
  • You choose the color and style of your roof, it can be as individual as your home itself. You do not sacrifice curb appeal at all.
  • Permanent metal roofs are not any louder in a rain or hail storm than any other roof.

As you can see the list of benefits is longer than the disadvantages. Why not make the choice that will eliminate the stress of roof choices once and for all with a permanent metal roof.